project  —-  

White Rock Wine

class  —-  

Packaging 3

instructor  —-  

Christine George




background  —-  

White Rock Vineyards was first built in 1871. Through many generations, its name remained true to its nature, as caves were dug through a chalky white volcanic rock to make the cellars. White Rock vineyards are all managed organically since the owners care more about the quality rather than the quantity produced. The recent wildfire in Napa caused a significant damage to the vineyards, allowing an opportunity to revive White Rock as a brand.

approach  —-  

White Rock is known to be very conservative for its long history as one of Napa wineries. The goal is to implement a more contemporary design while retaining the classic flavors from the old label. Rather than using colors, the new label emphasizes on shapes, textures, and materials to communicate the complex process being put into each bottle. This approach keeps the brand true to its name while still retains the aesthetic of this classic brand.