project  —-  

The Blue Table

class  —-  

Typography 3

instructor  —-  

Ariel Grey


Conceptual Book Typography


background  —-  

Food and its ingredients are often more than what is on the table. Food can bind people and places together. The Blue Table is a conceptual cookbook featuring Vietnamese Street Food The book is like a journal of a traveler who's observing the life of these decades-old vendors, listening to their stories about living amidst the fast-paced life of Vietnam's street.  

approach  —-  

The goal was to capture the stories of these vendors. Vietnam's street food culture has been around for as long as people can remember, playing a significant role in making the country's economy. A rustic look is carried throughout the book, mimicking Vietnam's dilapidated streets. The images are people-centric, allow readers to see into the lives of each vendor. Patterns and colors used also largely contribute in portraying the characteristics of Vietnam culture and enhancing the storytelling aspect.