project  —-  

Rose Bowl Stadium

class  —-  

Branding 2

instructor  —-  

Thomas McNulty




background  —-  

The Rose Bowl is an American stadium located in Pasadena, California—also known as the City of Roses. Built since the 1920s, the Rose Bowl is recognized as a National Historical Landmark and an iconic stadium that hosted many major events such as the Olympics in 1984. The recent expansion of the Rose Bowl allows up to 100,000 seats, making it the 15th-largest stadium in the world. With an impressive and iconic history, the Rose Bowl needs a rebrand to represent its standard of being America's ultimate stadium.

approach  —-  

Since the Rose Bowl is famous for its bowl shape and scale, the strategy is to take those factors as advantages. Instead of trying to change the architecture of the stadium, it is more appropriate to bring out its unique features, promote the Rose Bowl as an iconic stadium, and enhance the overall experience for sports fans. The new identity aims to retain some of the previous brand equity by keeping the symbolic shape of the rose, while still trying to display the Rose Bowl's bold nature as a sports stadium.