project  —-  

Noise Pop

class  —-  

Graphic Design 2

instructor  —-  

Thomas McNulty


Branding System


background  —-  

Noise Pop is an annual music festival, taking place in different parts of the San Francisco Bay Area over the span of seven days. The festival gives exposure to many emerging new artists, with a variety of music flavors, ranging from indie rock, to hip-hop and electronic. The visuals for Noise Pop change from year to year, but still carry the existing retro and quirky feel. The challenge is to bring those characteristics into the new upcoming festival. 

approach  —-  

Memory is created every second, like overlapping layers of recordings in time. The graphics for the event were created based on that layering effect of the memory. Since a conference about the memory also has to be memorable, colors play an important part in making effective memory cues. The strong use of graphic and bright colors will allow To Remember to leave a powerful impact on people's minds and lives. 

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